Terrariums are classified as a "collection of small plants growing in a sealed transparent container creating an environment like a mini ecosystem".

The art of the terrarium is credited to Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1852 who created the Wardian Case to house and ship plants. He had experimented with plants in sealed bottles on window sills and discovering that plants could survive and thrive for years without water or intervention.

A true terrarium is sealed as it creates it’s own self-sustaining environment. As sunlight enters the terrarium, photosynthesis occurs leading to transpiration (water vapour exiting the plant via stomata), which results in water condensing on the glass terrarium “roof.” The water runs down to the roots of the plants where the cycle begins again.
Carbon dioxide is released by the bacteria and slow decomposition of the soil and oxygen is released from the plant leaves. All water and gases are recycled and plants thrive!

All my terrariums are a self-sustained ecosystem.

You should not need to water these terrariums if the lid is on correctly and it is in the right position!

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