palm husk, fernery, ferns, moss ball
palm husk, fernery, ferns, moss ball

These are a completely unique way of bringing the outdoors inside your home.
They are hand made using locally sourced husks and come with a waterproof membrane that ensures your indoor surfaces remain safe when watering. The soil structure involves several layers to ensure a healthy base.
These are the original design
- made in a little green studio through trial and testing.
As with all ferns try to find a location where they will receive adequate light (dappled sunlight or morning sun is ideal).
Watering and light requirements are covered in a little green care guide but basically try not to let the soil dry out and misting with room temperature water will also help.
Sizes vary from small (approx 50cm long) to large (approx 90cm long).
Each palm husk fernery will contain a mixture of ferns (these can be Asplenium, Adiantum and Pteris of varying varieties) and include either soleirolia or selaginella or both. All plants come labelled and a care guide is also provided.
A free follow up service is provided which includes replacement of one plant if care has been lacking. Please follow the care guide provided to ensure longevity.


care guide for ferneries